Rojac Urethane Limited

Foam Tooling

CAD facilities

We can read all formats of CAD data including IGES, DXF, Catia etc...

Rapid Tooling

Low cost rapid urethane tooling manufactured from CAD data supplied. This process is often used in the place of milled foam parts for development and prototypes, the advantage against milled samples includes the fact that the mould tool can produce multiple parts, can be easily modified and that mouldings can be produced to the correct hardness including (if required) inserts.

Aluminium Billet Tools

Aluminium billet tooling, CNC machined to CAD data.

Benefits against cast tooling

  • Greater accuracy
  • No model or pattern required
  • Shorter lead-time
  • Lower cost
  • No sand inclusions
  • No porosity
  • Easy to modify
  • Good surface finish
  • Accurate machined joint lines (less flash)
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • More even heat distribution

Resin Tooling

GRP resin tooling for low volume or prototypes

Cast Aluminum tooling

For higher volume parts with cast in stainless steel pipe work for heating.