Rojac Urethane Limited

Foam Moulding

Rojac specialise in PU foam moulding.

Our PU foam moulding production facility includes;

High pressure PU foam machines, one closed loop PC controlled suitable for dual hardness foam.

Low pressure PU foam machines.

Stand alone double station pneumatic clamping rigs for low volume and prototype polyurethane moulding.

Turntables for small foam mouldings ie.. headrests and massage blocks.

12 station automatic moulding carousel with robotic pouring.

Hardness testing facilities.

Our foam moulding facility includes;

  • High resilience flexible foam
  • Dual hardness foam moulding
  • Combustion modified high resilience flexible foam CMHR
  • Memory foam
  • Semi rigid flexible foam
  • Integral skin foam
  • Rigid Foam
  • Urethane cast elastomers

We have extensive experience in moulding PU parts, please contact us with your moulding enquiries.