Rojac Urethane Limited

Rapid Foam Moulding

CAD to Moulded Parts in 7-10 days

The ideal solution for prototype and development of PU foam mouldings, Rojac Urethane Limited have developed a cost effective rapid method of moulding foam parts that gives a real alternative to milled foam samples.

This process is often used in the place of milled foam parts for development and prototypes, the advantage against milled samples includes the fact that the rapid mould tool can produce multiple parts, can be easily modified and that mouldings can be produced to the correct hardness including (if required) inserts.

This process has been successfully used for many automotive vehicle seating projects allowing our customers to rapidly develop seat designs, foam hardness and comfort trials in a fraction of the time traditionaly taken to develop seating for new vehicles. 

  • Dual hardness parts if required
  • Complete car sets moulded, including front seat cushion, squab, headrest, rear seat 40% and 60% squabs, full rear seat cushion, headrests, bolsters and inserts.

Rapid prototype foam moulding

With rapid foam tools we can typically go from CAD model to part in a few days and the cost is comparable to your first off milled part. 

The tool can then produce further parts and can be easily modified if required.

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